filmdirector, screenwriter & producer

Saskia Vredeveld

Capturing the essence of each story is what I'm good at.... unveiling hidden truths to help us understand the world we live in.

Documentary Filmmaker

Saskia Vredeveld is based in Amsterdam. Her films are shown on television and International Film Festivals.

Saskia has a strong sensibility of capturing the essence of the story.
She embraces people with a warm understanding and respect.

Her stories are thought provoking and combines social comment with an excellent eye for the aesthetics.

Her most recent feature documentary ‘A Fools Paradise’ premiered in September 2019 and featured in Dutch cinemas and was broadcasted on television in South Africa and The Netherlands.

People tell their story....

Inspiring, intriguing and unsettling. Characters  Saskia has filmed over the years.  They question our thoughts and prejudices and the camera often reveals hidden truths and unexpected twists in their stories.

people share their experience...

Saskia’s camera is close to the people who tell their stories, their vigilance and bravery inspire, but most of all confronts us with our own inner fears and fixed ideas.