Some of saskia's films

Saskia’s camera is close to the people who tell their stories. Hidden truths and unexpected twists are unveiled. Their vigilance and bravery inspire, .. but most of all confronts us with our own inner fears and fixed ideas.

A Fools Paradise
Stories of identity and belonging against a backdrop of racisme and social economic turmoil in South Africa.

Letters to Zohra
Anti -apartheid activist Ahmed Kathrada, Nelson Mandela’s advisor and friend.


The Asylum
Delving into the unknown. Collaboration with Roger Ballen.


Across the Border
The  South African Border War during the 70’s and 80’s, death squads and  war veterans suffering from PTSD.

Leaving Mandela Park
A story of children’s dreams and their  endeavour to escape poverty through music and dans in South Africa.

Memento Mori
Experimental film in collaboration with Roger Ballen

White Poverty
A story of a rapidly increasing group, the poor whites in South Africa, people who live out of sight, in silence, and in shame.

Out of Eden
With bow and arrow the San bushman enter the 20th Century claiming their land that was taken away from them.

No More Heroes
Behind the scenes with rock photographer Kees Tabak who photographed  pop legends.

Ela Gandhi
Portrait of Ela, South African activist, and granddaughter of Mahatma Gandhi.

Little Groningen
The successful immigration of 5 Dutch  families to Tasmania.


Selfportrait, Roger Ballen
On the road with American photographer in South Africa.


Black Diamonds
The story of the new black middle class in South Africa.

The Train to Havana,
Stories of love and revolution in Cuba.

Bijlmer Bajes Blues
Inmates tell of their dream  while stuck in prison.

What a Beautiful World
Personal documentary on single-parenthood.

The Beloved Country
A provocative film of the Afrikaner extremist  movement  of the early 90’s.