No more heroes

Behind the lens with rock photographer Kees Tabak


Tom Waites

Nina Hagen


Prince licking his guitar in Paradiso during his first concert in The Netherlands, Madonna as a complete unknown artist, just before her final breakthrough; these are some of the legendary pictures made by photographer Kees Tabak.  

Twenty-five years of pop-history passes by in the documentary ‘No More Heroes’, filmed by Saskia Vredeveld. In the eighties Kees Tabak was one of leading pop photographers in the Netherlands. He had developed himself as a chronicler of the punk movement. He was off course photographing in black and white. But Tabak was not only an observer, he was part of this world himself and a well-known to the Stranglers, the Sex Pistols and The Clash. Most of the international and Dutch pop stars of the eighties appeared in front of his camera. From Dutch musicians as Herman Brood, Andre Hazes and Doe Maar and international stars as Bryan Ferry, Bono, Blondie, Tom Waits, Billy Idol and Lou Reed.

Some years ago Tabak decided to return to the world of pop photography after a long absence. Filmdirector Saskia Vredeveld followed Tabak on this return with her camera. As Tabak is photographing Dutch musicians as Golden Earring, Moke, Di-rect, Within Temptation, and Ali B – it is clear that his passion for the pop photography never changed.


The Clash

2007, 50 min. DV Cam

A Bonanza Film and Peacefield Films co-production

Script, directing & camera Saskia Vredeveld

Research and production Harmen Jalvingh

Editing Jos Driessen, Riekje Ziengs, Eddy Zoutendijk

Sound mix Paul Gies

Titels, graphic design Joost Hiensch

Producer JB Macrander

This production is financially supported by VSB Fonds and Thuiskopie Fonds
Broadcast by NPS Television, The Netherlands.