Prison Blues

Prisoners in the Bijlmer jail, Amsterdam who dream of…

One has realised his childhood dream, but never been aware of the fact that it would put him in jail. Another sees his recurring dream as a way to come to terms with a gruesome deed he has committed. Prison Blues looks at the dreams of prisoners in Bijlmer jail on the outskirts of Amsterdam. ‘Dreams’ in the widest possible sense of the word, from daydreams to nightmares, from impossible desires to reality. Feelings of fear, love and hope come alive at night and work during the day. The dream as comfort, as a warning, It is a mirror to the unconscious. They say something substantial about criminals in jail.  

2002, 49.52 min. dv cam, original language: Dutch, English

Director & Cinematography Saskia Vredeveld

Editing Bart van Oorschot

In collaboration with Dr. Bart Koet

Producers Michaela van Wassenaer & Saskia Vredeveld

A Springbok Film in co-production with the Humanist Broadcasting Foundation, The Netherlands

Dutch Film Festival