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Saskia Vredeveld is an acclaimed South-African – Dutch filmdirector living in Amsterdam.


Saskia studied theology in Amsterdam and film & photography at the University of Westminster, London, and graduated as a fiction film director, writer and producer from the Dutch Film Academy. She holds a post-graduate from the Binger Film Institute, Amsterdam.

She directs documentary films and in the past fiction for Dutch televsion and youth programms for the VPRO. She now and then does cinematography and sound.

Saskia has made over 25 creative documentaries of which many have been selected for prestigious international film festivals, received prizes, and were broadcasted internationally.

She produced several films, taught filmmaking at several institutions, and sat in the advisory filmcommitee of the Dutch Film Fund and Dutch Film Festival.

Saskia is passionate about filmmaking.

Her CV is on request.

'It's not only a profession... it's a lifelong passion.....'

Saskia loves exploring all assets of filmmaking. From commercial television work to art films. She’s done them all.

She welcomes film, television and photography assignments. 

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